“Castle In The Mist is a great book. If you’re into danger, dogs and drama you’ll love it!”
- Nash Guyre, age 8 - Marblehead, MA
After a year of peace Bik, the warrior-chief of Stone City, is preparing for war. His children have been kidnapped by Prince Ukko, the leader of the Black Hawk tribes, and held prisoner in the Castle In The Mist. This is the story of how the dogs came down from their planet, to the land of the Forest People, to free the children and prevent war.

The Black Hawk soldiers had never seen dogs before. They had no knowledge of their courage, cleverness and endurance. And they had no idea that the dogs, through their extraordinary sense of smell, could see in the darkness and foggy mist that enveloped the Castle and the great forest.

When the winter snow falls, and the land is covered in white, it is the working dogs who challenge King Ukko and his warriors — and bring peace to the land of the Forest people.
"A wonderful sequel to Planet Of The Dogs...I am sure children of all ages would love the story as well as learn some great values. If you haven’t already read Planet Of The Dogs, order both of them and share this story with a child when you are done."
- Debbie Eades, author, Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale
"Danger, suspense and the unconditional love of dogs is what you’ll find from start to finish in this sequel, along with the beautiful drawings by Mr. McCarty’s wife, Stella. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for Snow Valley Heroes!"
- Lisa Di Georgio, K9 Chef, Muddies Munchies
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