Barking Planet Productions is proud to introduce you to the books of C.A.Wulff - author, artist, and animal advocate. Wulff's books for dog lovers take you into the world of animal advocacy and rescue.
Circling the Waggins: How 5 Misfit Dogs Saved Me from Bewilderness

A journey into the heart and mind of a dedicated pet lover who shares her experiences, concerns and deep emotions with the reader.The setting is a cabin-home in a national park forest. The characters are several adopted dogs, cats, and, for a while, domestic mice -- and two compassionate women. From the snows of winter, to the Halloween costume parades, this is a world founded on the love of dogs.

The candor and honesty of this biography is a revelation. The author's love of dogs and life, and dedication to the well being of her needy adoptions, ultimately give her a new awareness and understanding of the experience of living. (Available in paperback & eBook)

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Parade of Misfits

This book, aptly named, is an introduction -- an open door -- for dog lovers to the world of CA Wulff, author, passionate animal advocate, and dog lover. Living in a cabin in the woods with an ever changing melange of rescued canines and other critters, Wulff experienced a catharsis through her dogs. This book, propelled by humor and adventures, is a prelude to her full blown memoir, Circling the Waggins. The cover of the book is a true forecast of world of Wulff you will find inside. (Available in eBook only)

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How to Change the World in 30 Seconds:
a Web Warrior's Guide to Animal Advocacy Online

Guidance, support, information, and passionate commitment are all here for dog lovers and other animal advocates. The internet made easy, the internet as a tool, the internet as a dog's best friend...all bundled into a lucid, multi-faceted approach for anyone who wants to make the world a better place. (Available in paperback & eBook)

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Cayr Ariel Wulff is an author, artist, and animal advocate. She has volunteered in animal rescue for more than 26 years. She is a Contributing Editor at, where she reports on animal welfare. She writes a column as the Cleveland Pets Examiner, and is the National Animal Books Examiner. She also maintains a personal blog about dogs: 'Up on the Woof', and uses her yelodoggie art to spread the joy of the human/canine bond. She attributes her love of animals to having been raised by Wulffs.
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