"I love this series of books and Planet of the Dogs sets the stage for those works that follow… This story borders between reality, a dream world, fantasy, fiction, reality and wonderful imagination… The author has done a wonderful job of weaving this tale, making it a first rate fantasy read, while at the same time addressing quite real problems and indeed, how to fix those problems."
Don Blankenship, Teacher, Editor/reviewer at Good Books for Kids
"…Planet of the Dogs shows how those of different backgrounds and cultures can work together in a peaceful manner to overcome massive obstacles if they choose to. Full of excitement and loving dogs, this first book in the series from Barking Dog Productions wants you coming back for more, making its readers wish such a world actually does exist! This is definitely a beautiful book… for children and adults alike who can close their eyes and wish for a better world ."
Nancy Houser, editor, Way Cool Dogs
“It was wonderful to witness my students applying character lessons from the books in their own peer interactions…my students love them…(these books) are great motivators to encourage young people to read…”
Julie Hauck-Teacher, Longfellow School, Sheboygan, WI,
Developer of the Pages for Preston therapy reading dog program
Planet of the Dogs shows how love, loyalty and friendship can pave the way for peace. Planet Earth today could use the wisdom of the four legged leaders from Dog Planet! This story will be a valuable asset in classrooms and homes alike.”
Jennifer Gans, Family Counselor, Former Teacher - Fairfield, CT
"I found myself smiling a lot while reading this book. The author does a wonderful job describing the actions of dogs in a way that you can see in your mind’s eye… The Planet of the Dogs series is geared towards children, but has a wonderful quality that allows parents and adults to enjoy the read as well."
Kaitlin, Editor/reviewer, She Speaks Bark
Planet of the Dogs is a children’s book for adults...a truly marvelous mosaic of surprise, suspense and timeless lessons in love, truth and understanding.”
John K. Mackenzie, webmaster, The Writing Works – NYC
"Planet Of The Dogs has enough suspense to hold children’s interest without frightening them, and imparts an overall message about the power of unconditional love to change people’s hearts. And of course, this story will capture the heart of any child who loves dogs!"
Steve Bush, Book Dads
"Planet Of The Dogs is a full-fledged story... about dogs. Dogs who run the planet and are trying to bring good will peace to people of all ages. Think Wizard of Oz... where the good witch, cowardly lion, tin man, scarecrow, and even the wise old wizard are the dogs. And they're trying to instill good things upon all of the 2-legged humans who cross their path. "
Lynnette Walzak, the Fun Times Guide to Dogs
“I loved so many of the messages in the book -- messages that are important for children and adults to remember! It was nice to see all the different ways that dogs are beneficial in our every day lives as well as some of the less obvious ways that they bring happiness. I especially liked how the potential conflict was averted and how the book ended. It was nice to see a happy ending and have people realize what's important in life. "
Julie Peterson, Editor/Reviewer, Booking Mama
"This book will make kids want a dog for sure! The author does a great job of creating word pictures about the excitement of the dogs. It was fun reading about how a dog might think and act. Planet Of The Dogs is a short, quick read and would be great to read to kids. "
Carol Harlow, Editor at Songberries
"Planet Of The Dogs is a great fantasy that dog lovers of any age will enjoy. This book shows us a better world where kindness rules.”
Kyle Whelan, age 12 - Tuckahoe, NY
"I really loved this book...I think that if, like me, other 11 year olds enjoy this book it will bring love and joy to all families. And, maybe one day, there will be peace because of the impact this book has on the world.”
Natalie Breining, age 11 - Colonia, NJ
"It was great...I loved the story."
Rachel Tagle, age 9 - Alamo, CA
“My grandchildren Ava and Torin loved Planet of the Dogs. How good was the book for me? I cried, I laughed, I wanted to be taken for a walk by Rusty, my Airdale Terrier.”
John Nicholas, Writer/Video Producer - Portland, OR
“…Rest assured that these stories are briskly unfolded and richly described, immediately building a detailed imaginative world for readers to enter while curling up on a cold winter afternoon -- without resorting to their computers. For dog-lovers young and old…”
Barbara Julian, retired Librarian. Editor for Animal Literature Blog
“This is a sweet book for children who are animal lovers (which includes most of them)… It is a book which very much praises dogs - their ability to love us unconditionally, protect us, and enjoy being around us. It highlights dogs’ innate intelligence. The book is intense at times, but the dogs are definitely the heroes. Boys and girls alike would like this book because it is about a family. The age of interest for this book I would put at 8-11 years. It would make a great read aloud for family and/or classroom.”
Reviewed by Sally Riley for The Friendly Book Nook and Pet Paradise
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