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I was totally caught up in the suspense after two of Santa's reindeer are missing right before Christmas. The evil King of the North has abducted Dasher and Dancer and is keeping them hidden in his Ice Castle, and putting the delivery of toys by Santa in serious jeopardy. But, never fear...the brave and loyal dogs have been beckoned yet again. Bringing peace, and Christmas, to Snow Valley

As in the other books about the Planet of the Dogs, the mystical illustrations only add to the quality of the book and its message. This is a wonderful series of books for children of ALL ages, so be sure to order the whole collection in time for giving to the dog lovers in your life this holiday season.

- Deborah Eades, author. Every Rescued Dog Has a Tale

Each book in the Planet of the Dogs series won the Dogster Dog Eared Book of the Month Award.
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