"This fun story (Snow Valley Heroes:
A Christmas Tale
) will make dog-loving readers go crazy for more. I loved it!"
Thomas Jarvis, Age 10, The Magic Bookshelf
Who were the Snow Valley Heroes? Did they really save Christmas? The question has been asked by children and adults for many years. And there have been many who tried to answer these questions.

The confusion and uncertainty is because the Snow Valley Heroes came from the Planet Of The Dogs long, long ago.

This is the true story of how the dogs saved Christmas, told for the first time in many years.

It was a few weeks after Christmas when all the troubles began. It had been a lovely day in Santa Claus Village with the winter sun sparkling on the snow. Most of the elves, after enjoying a fine dinner cooked by Mrs. Claus, had gone to the workshop to continue cleaning up and to begin making plans for next year.

Santa, sitting in his favorite chair, had dozed off to dreamland when he was suddenly awakened by Tulip, the elf lady. “Santa! Santa! Wake up! Two of the reindeer are gone!”

This was how the troubles began. And they continued to grow -- missing reindeer, stolen sleds, winter storms – until it seemed there could be no more Christmas. It was then that Daisy, Bean, and the dogs who would become known as the Snow Valley Heroes arrived in Santa Claus Village…

An Interview 
With Santa
"Snow Valley Heroes represents the age-old struggle between good and evil, and the fight to save the Spirit of Christmas—told in a format children can comprehend. .. as the Holiday season nears, (this book) would be an excellent gift for grade/middle school children…. I give this Christmas treasure a rating of five stars."
- Charyl Miller Pingelton, The Uncommon Review
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