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Planet of the Dogs Volume 3

Chapter 1
Snow Valley
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Snow Valley is where you will find Santa Claus Village. It is here that Santa has his home and workshops. Nearby is Elf Village, home of the elves. The elves have built many snow tunnels under their Village with rooms for workshops, growing food, and storing supplies. Santa, looking out his window, can see the snow- covered houses of Elf Village and watch the elf children playing in the snow.

The elves have discovered clever ways to make life quite comfortable in Snow Valley. The snow tunnels allow them to move around freely between their workshops, their homes and Santa’s house in all kinds of bad weather. For their children, they built snow slides and snow houses outside and, under the snow, their very own tunnels in which to play.

The elves used glow tubes to capture sunlight, allowing them to grow food in their bright caverns under the snow. There were certain treats, however, that had to be brought in by the supply caravans. Hot chocolate, for instance, a favorite of everyone in Santa Claus Village, had to be brought in from far away. It was the Tundra Town traders who brought these treats and all kinds of supplies for the toy workshops to Santa and the elves.

There was a secret place near the Village where two elves, Tip and Top, took Santa’s reindeer to feed. It was a special place with level ground between two snow-covered hills where warm water came up from deep within the earth. Moss, lichen, and small plants never stopped growing there and the snow was never deep. It had always been this way, even when it snowed for many days. This allowed Santa’s reindeer to always be strong and healthy. No one except the elves and Santa knew where to find the special feeding grounds.

Every day, except when there were strong blizzards, Tip and Top took Santa’s eight reindeer to the feeding grounds where they could graze, play and run around. A pine forest covered one hillside, and from the top of another hill, the elves could see far down Snow Lake Trail.

One fine winter day, just six week before Christmas, Tip and Top climbed the hill to look for a missing Tundra Town supply caravan.

All Santa’s supply caravans began in Tundra Town where powerful horses pulled wagons and sleds along the Tundra Trail to Snow Town. There, they were unloaded and everything was placed in special caravan sleds that were pulled by strong winter horses or by reindeer. The reindeer, like the horses, were selected from special herds and trained to pull the sleds over trails of snow and, sometimes, ice. The supply caravans continued deliveries throughout the year, as the elves were always busy making new Christmas toys.

The missing caravan of three big sleds that the elves were looking for had left Snow Town several days before. The elves knew that, during the week, strong winds

had driven heavy snow along the caravan route. And, although Santa had said that bad weather had often caused these delays in past years, the elves were becoming worried. The sleds carried supplies that were needed in the workshop.

On this day the skies were clear and from their lookout place the elves could see far down Snow Lake Trail. However, except for the dark shape of wild reindeer on the horizon, there was nothing to see except the Western Mountains and the Snow Hills of the North.

Chapter 2
The Tundra Town Traders

Tundra Town is the home of the people who supply Santa with wool, wood, clay, colored stones and many other things that the elves need to build toys.

Other traders come there from far away, carrying their goods in horse caravans or by wagon. These traders receive a warm welcome in Tundra Town, but they are not allowed to go further North with their goods. Only the Tundra Town traders went North to Snow Town and beyond. Everyone who worked and lived in Snow Town was also a member of the Tundra Town tribe.

Not all of the caravans that left Snow Town went to Santa Claus Village. There were also regular shipments of certain iron, tools and food supplies that were delivered to the Ice Castle home of the King of the North.

These caravans followed a different route after leaving Snow Town. They began their journey the same way, by first following the Snow Lake Trail. After a day of travel, however, they turned off onto Frozen River Trail in the direction of the Cold Mountains. The next morning, if they hadn’t been slowed by storms, they came to the place where the trail, turning north, led them to the magnificent Ice Castle.

The Ice Castle, rising high in the sky, was actually made of rock and wood and covered, after many years of winter storms, in ice and snow. With its tall towers and flowing walls reflecting moon light or the rays of the sun, the Ice Castle was always a stunning sight. The Cold Mountains, rising high behind the Ice Castle, reminded travelers of the harsh winter world that lay beyond.

The caravan drivers all preferred to deliver supplies to Santa rather than make the trip to the Ice Castle. Seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus was always fun. Mrs. Claus was a very good cook – and, in the evening, the elves often made lovely music on their ancient instruments.

Perhaps it was their imaginations, but the caravan drivers felt uncomfortable inside the Ice Castle. Something didn’t feel right. And even though they were given good warm food, and slept overnight next to the huge cook room, they were always anxious to leave and were usually gone before daybreak.

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