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Planet of the Dogs Volume 1

Chapter 1
Planet Earth
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Our story begins long, long ago, before there were dogs on Planet Earth.

There was plenty of space in those days for people to settle and grow things. Many of the places where people lived were very beautiful. There were clear lakes and cool streams with lots of fish. There were fields and woods with game to hunt. And there were rolling hills and open plains with plants growing everywhere.

Many people settled in these places of abundance and prospered. At first they had small gardens. As villages and towns continued to grow, more seeds were planted until the fertile land was often covered with corn or rice or wheat or vegetables.

Some people moved with the seasons, often taking animals with them like goats, sheep, and cattle. In other places, people lived near rivers, lakes, and the ocean where they found fish and other seafood. Others learned the ways of the wind and the tides and traveled far over water and land to trade with people in faraway lands. They traded for food or cloth or things made of clay. People helped each other and there was much happiness on Planet Earth.

And then there came a time when the abundance and happiness found on Planet Earth were threatened by people like the warrior tribes of Stone City. They had forgotten how to love. They took food, coins and beautiful objects from people and often hurt them. Their numbers began to grow and soon they were taking the homes, land, and farms where peaceful people lived.

Where once there had been harmony and friendship, there was now fear, anger and unhappiness. Something had to be done — but what could anybody do? No one knew it at that time, but help would come from far, far away, from the Planet of the Dogs.

Chapter 2
The Planet of the Dogs

Far out in the sky, on the other side of the sun, is the Planet of the Dogs. Dogs have always lived there in peace and happiness.

There are country dogs and city dogs. They live in places like Shepherd Hill, Poodletown, Retriever Meadows, Muttville, Hound Dog Hamlet, Biscuit Town and Shaggy Corners.

Puppies are everywhere. From the time they are born puppies know how to play, how to eat and how to talk with each other. And they know how to wag their tails when they are happy and excited.

Puppies and dogs have their own special way of talking to each other.

They don’t use tweets and chirps like birds do. They don’t use eh-eh sounds like chimps and monkeys. They don’t use words like people do. People speak different languages and many times they can’t understand each other at all. But dogs understand each other because they all speak dog language.

Dogs talk to each other in many ways.

They woof, bark, and howl.

They use body movement, face licking, smiling, and tail wagging.

Dogs can hear what other dogs are thinking. And they always tell the truth.

Dogs believe it is important to have lots of time to play and have fun. Dogs know how to play, anytime, any place, anywhere. Their favorite games are running, rolling, and jumping. They also like to find hidden things, explore secret places and nuzzle their friends.

Dogs also need time to rest. They are very good at sleeping, taking naps, and waiting for someone they love.

There are no electric lights on the Planet of the Dogs. Dogs don’t need lights because their noses give them a picture of things around them – even on the darkest night. Dog always know who is nearby, even when someone may be hidden by tall grass, or bushes, or trees.

Dogs have no worries on their planet because there are no dangers there. There are no bad dogs, no hungry animals, and no mean people. There is plenty to eat, lots of time to play, and all kinds of schools for the puppies to learn interesting things about their planet and each other. It’s a wonderful place to live.

The most special thing about dogs is their ability to give and receive love. They do this better than any other creature. They like to show their love. They like to rub,

nuzzle, and cuddle. On the Planet of the Dogs, they even pet each other. This always brings a waggy tail and a smile.

One day, a very long time ago Miss Merrie, queen of the dogs and members of the dog council, learned that there were problems on Earth – the Planet of the People. Something had to be done to help them.

After much discussion they made a decision and messenger dogs went out in all directions to announce the news: There was going to be a special meeting and all dogs were invited.

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